March 1, 2005 – Anchors

Weight: 325
Difference from last entry: -3.5

You know, I could swear that I’ve done a more-recent entry than the last entry showing here. I wonder if blogger swallowed one of my entries?

Anyway, this is a good way to start off a new month. I’m down enough weight to feel proud of it. It was harder work this time around. Each time that I screw up and have to start over, it gets a little harder. One would think that this would be enough to make me stop screwing around.

One weight-loss strategy that has worked for me in the past is to have an anchor. An anchor is some type of physical object that you can keep with you and use to anchor your will power with when you are tempted. For a long time, I had used a pendant on a chain that Erin had given me. But then that went away, and I’ve never replaced it.

I’ve been feeling that I really want an anchor for about three months. I had tried to buy a necklace for quite a while, but it is surprisingly hard to find men’s jewlery. I must not know where to look. Anyway, I had thought of using my wedding ring as an anchor. But I’ve been wearing my ring for so many years now that it’s like part of me. I don’t notice that it is there. And one of the ideas of an anchor is that you always notice it. Noticing it is what helps you deal with temptation. So my wedding ring would not work.

Last weekend, I decided that, instead of buying something new, I’d use something that I already had, but hadn’t used. Erin has given me two great watches in our years together. But I haven’t worn either in months – maybe years. I decided that this would be perfect. I proceeded to tear apart our house, looking for my watches (why can one never find something when one is looking for it). I finally tracked down the watch Erin gave me the night before we got married!

It took a bit to find someone who could replace the battery, but once I did, I was up and running. And I have my anchor! And so far, the anchor has worked well. For example, we were at Toys’R’Us to get Colin a toybox. As we were waiting in line, I noticed an asile full of delicious-looking candy. I started reaching to get one, but when I reached I felt the watch on my hand. And I then remembered that I don’t need candy. And I was good.

Anchors work. For me, anyway.


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