January 24, 2005

Weight: 329
Difference from last entry: -3

I am once again amazed at how well eDiets meal plans work. Erin and I started following a meal plan this past week (right after my last weigh-in, actually). And while we didn’t follow it exactly, I used it as a very good guideline for what to eat and, more importantly, what not to eat. And obviously it has worked well. I’m down three pounds. Without even really trying!

Of course, that can be dangerous, too. Because it leads me to be lazy, figuring, Ah, hell, I don’t need to worry about things. I’ll lose weight no matter what ‘cuz of the meal plan. Which is self-defeating and just really bad form. I need to not allow myself to fall into that trap.

So, I will be cautiously optimistic about what the future holds. And I’ll be very happy that I was able to get this ship corrected quickly this time around.


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