August 18, 2004

Weight: 328
Difference from last entry: +1

First off, I made it through my first day back on the eDiets meal plan! Erin and I decided that we were just going to start doing this again. No fuss, no long-term plans, just do it. And we did!

The first day is always the hardest. I think it was easier to get started because it was a workday. The strict schedule for the work day helped me out a lot. And the eDiets plan is great, because it gives meals that can easily be spread out. I can have the five or six small meals that my body requires, instead of forcing myself to try to stick to a three-meal plan (which is a recipe for disaster).

As for my weight… I’m very unhappy with it. I want to be 50 pounds lighter tomorrow. And I am frustrated that that won’t happen. But I am ready for a long, drawn out fight with my will power again!

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