April 10, 2004

Weight: 321. Difference from last entry: +2

Well, that wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Don’t get me wrong, I know that my weight is very seriously out of control. And when one is over 300 pounds, two or three pounds doesn’t seem like a big thing. But pyschologically, only gaining two pounds instead of the expected five pounds this month is a big boost. It’s good enough news to keep me from falling into a “why bother trying” mode, which is how I got up over 300 pounds to begin with.

I am actually feeling pretty motivated recently. It’s in small ways. For example, for lunch Thursday I was thinking of getting a nice fat pizza, but once I got into my car, I was surprised to find that I really wanted to eat well instead of poorly. So I got a grilled chicken sandwich. I’ve also been getting less-fattening drinks at Starbucks (though I am still addicted), and am actually feeling like I want to get out and do some walking. (Of course, it is snowing heavliy right now, so I can’t actually do that…)

I think I am getting ready to start turning things around. Again.

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