Bad couple of weeks

I haven’t been near a scale recently, and it’s on purpose. I know for sure that I’ve had a bad couple of weeks. I have fallen back into that old trap of snacking. I snack during morning break, afternoon break, before dinner and before bedtime. I don’t know why I keep not preparing for the fact that I am a five-meal-a-day person. When I set up meals to account for this, I control my weight. If I can make sure that I have something healthy to eat for morning break and afternoon break, then I don’t fall into these traps.

As it is, I am sure that I’ll have at least a five-pound weight gain if I ever get around to weighing myself. Which will put me back to 324 pounds. Which means that I’ve now gained back everything I lost last year. I keep wasting the hard work that I am doing, simply because I’m not smart enough to do the things that I know I need to do.

Losing weight really isn’t as hard as I am making it.


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