March 15, 2004

Weight: 319. Difference from last entry: +5

Okay, first off, I am actually doing pretty well maintaining my weight right now. I say to start things out because, historically, when I go more than a month without updating my journal it is because I’ve been being really bad. For the most part, I’ve been good. I haven’t been doing a bunch to lose weight, but I haven’t been doing a lot to gain weight, either.

Instead, the reason I was neglecting my journal this time was because of life issues. I am getting laid off from work! I found out about this on the 6th of February, and my life has been a whirlwind since. I don’t want to write too much about that here, simply cuz I’ve written so much about it on my LiveJournal. It took me a while to come to terms with being unemployed. I freaked out, then got depressed about it. However, with a lot of support from my wife, information from work and a decent tax return, I was able to finally get a grip. Hence, I’m back here.

Now, while I’ve been good throughout most of my time away from this journal, I haven’t been so good recently. I’ve been really battling myself, trying to keep myself from going on a major binge. So far, I’ve just been keeping control (though I did eat a whole box of gingerbread cookies yesterday). Since this journal has always been a place where I can find my self control, I am here.

My goal for today is simply to not binge. I had McDonalds for breakfast and a cinammon roll for break. I am going to have Souper Salad for lunch to make up for this. And I am basically just going to try and gain control again.

That’s the key. Realizing when you are about to go overboard, and having enough control to pull yourself back from the ledge.

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