January 21, 2004

Weight: 314. Difference from last entry: -5

Yay me! lol. I was a good boy this week, and my weight shows it. I have to be happy about that. Being a good boy obviously isn’t an easy thing for me to do. Never has been. So allow me to pat myself on the back one more time. YAY!

Okay, seriously, this weight loss was not unexpected. I did things that I needed to do to lose weight. I knew I was going to lose weight. I got back into the habit of drinking over 100 ounces of water in a day. I stopped sneaking to the break room and eating a donut. I stopped having a cinnamon roll with my morning coffee. I replaced quarter pound burgers with sensible lunches. All of this work shows on the scale.

It is funny the difference that a week makes. Last week, I was extremely disappointed with myself. This week, I am right back on track and feeling motivated.

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