Weight: 312. Difference from last entry: +4

Oops. This isn’t very good. I’ve managed to put back 6 of the 20 pounds that I lost on ediets. There’s a simple reason for this, of course: I’m not following eDiets plan. It’s been a very hectic month, though.

Erin and I went to Buffalo in the middle of November, and spent a week out there. I have a very bad personal rule: I don’t stick to meal plans when I am on a trip. And I did not stick to the eDiets plan when we were in Buffalo. Not even close. I gained most of the extra four pounds I’ve packed on on that trip.

Of course, the other part of that four pounds comes from egg nog. I’ve been trying to stay away from it… but egg nog seems to be everywhere at this time of the year. There’s egg nog lattes at Starbucks, egg nog shakes at McDonalds, egg nog liqueor at liquor stores, egg nog candies at candy stores… it’s hard to resist, I tell ya!

I think I am repeating a lot of what I wrote in my last update. I’m a bit foggy about what I wrote last time, though. I had a cold that really kicked in over the weekend. I was down completely for Thanksgiving and the day after. It really wasn’t until Monday that I started feeling better. I haven’t been eating much the past few days, and definitely nothing good, because of the cold. Now that I am feeling better, I’m feeling ready to get back to being healthy.

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