Bad time of the year

I’ll do an official weigh in sometime soon, but I am sure it won’t be good. Erin and I went to Buffalo this past week, and I was out of control eating-wise. That often happens when I eat out a lot. And Erin and I did a lot of that. There was some really good food, such as buffalo wings from the Anchor Bar. There was some not-so-good food, like the burger from the Buffalo Grill in Hamburg. All in all, there was simply too much food.

This is traditionally my worst time of the year weight-wise. I always gain a lot of weight during November and December. Even back when I had gotten myself down under 250 pounds, I would gain during this time of the year. Most of this is due to egg nog. I simply cannot resist that fat-filled, 1000 calorie per pint concoction. I’m trying to limit myself this year, but it isn’t working out well.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow; after that, hopefully I can start reeling myself in. I need to do something, if not I’m going to gain back all the weight I’ve lost since September!

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