Weight: 307. Difference from last entry: -2

I am still doing well on the eDiets plan. I’ve started to vary meals a bit, keeping in mind estimated calories and portion sizes. I am starting to make better choices about foods, and am starting to recognize foods with hidden calories.

Those are the important things, because that’s my main goal from eDiets. I want to learn to be healthy, so I don’t have to lean on a weight management system. I want to be able to pick out good foods and eat reasonably and stay at a weight without having to feel like I am on a diet.

The side benefit of this is, of course, weight loss. I am down almost 20 pounds since the first week of September. My clothes fit a lot better, and some are actually too big! I don’t get as out of breath as I used to walking up the stairs. I’m still not fit, and I am still badly overweight. But I am losing.

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