A quick recap

I posted the following few paragraphs on my favorite online BBS, Crystal City BBS, and realized that I did a good job recapping my experiences regarding weight management. So I am going to repost the paragraphs verbatim here:

Congrats on the weight loss! It’s hard to lose weight, especially when you aren’t too overweight to start out at. Your starting weight of 205 is less than my goal weight!

I am down 12 pounds since starting with eDiets. For the most part, losing this weight has been easy. I am basically sticking right to the meal plan that eDiets gives as part of their service. The meal plan helps a person learn how to balance meals, which is nice. But more importantly for me, it adds some discipline. I am notorious for having good meals, but snacking a lot – much more than I realize – between meals. Between keeping a food journal and eating only what is on the meal plan for the week, I’ve been able to steadily, easily lose weight.

I am going to start exercising any day now. 🙂 Once I do, I’ll probably have to increase the number of calories I’m eating a day (my current meal plan puts me between 2000 and 2200). eDiets shoots for the slow, steady weight loss, too. I am losing around 2.5 pounds a week (after the initial week’s 7 pound loss) without exercise. Once I start exercising, I’ll probably start losing too much weight.

I know what you mean about the way one eats feeling right. For me, the balanced plan, made up of 50% carbs, 35% protein and 15% fat seems just about right. I have also learned that my desire to snack is indicative that my body likes a different layout for meals. Instead of three large meals, my body likes five small meals (or large snacks, depending on how you want to look at it) and one larger meal. Once I learned that, I learned to stop eating as much as I used to for breakfast and lunch, and to choose “good” foods for my snacks/mini-meals between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner.

My goal – aside from getting down to 220 pounds – is to learn to eat this way all the time. Even when I don’t have the built-in discipline of a meal plan or a food diary. It’s really irresponsible of me not to. I [b]know[/b] this is how my body wants to work. I know that I won’t be hungry, nor feel deprived, if I do this.

A sample meal day for me now is:

7:30am – bowl of cereal
11:00 am – yogurt and fruit
2:00pm – lunch (normally either a sandwich or a Lean Cuisine meal)
3:30pm – salad and fruit
5:30pm – hummus on a half a pita
8:00pm – pasta with tomato sauce, salad, fruit, milk


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