Weight: 317. Difference from last entry: -5

Okay, I now have to admit that the scale was correct last time, and that I need to start trusting it. I’ve now “officially” lost 9 pounds since joining eDiets. YAY!

The main benefit I am getting from eDiets is discipline. I am a very undisciplined person, as anyone who has read this journal over the years can tell. I need structure to succeed. And that’s what eDiets plan is doing for me. It’s really not much different from the American Heart Association’s Fit For Life plan, and is conceptually similar to Weight Watchers (and, I’m sure, many other weight loss programs): Eat well balanced meals, reduce the amount you eat, and exercise. If you do all three, your weight will go down.

eDiets has given me the structure I need to do this. Their meal plan helps me figure out what is okay to eat, and how much. Their daily journals help ensure that I am conscious of what I am eating. Their online meetings keep me from slacking off, or ignoring the plan.

It’s the structure and discipline I need to start changing my life. And the 9 pounds off the scale would seem to indicate that it is working!

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