Weight: 322. Difference from last entry: -4

Today was my first official weigh-in since starting the program. One week in, four pounds down. Or was it more of a weight loss?

I am trying to decide whether or not to trust our scale. When I weighed myself Thursday night – just after dinner – the scale said 324.5. When I woke up this morning – after my morning routines – the scale showed 319. I couldn’t believe what it said, so I moved the scale a bit and weighed myself again. 319. I re-calibrated the scale, and weighed myself again. 319. I proceeded to repeat this through 5 more calibrations. I weighed myself a total of 8 times; every time but one the scale read 319 (once, it read 322).

So I am not sure what to believe. How could I have lost 5 pounds in a night? That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Then the 322 thrown into the mix confused me more. So I went with the 322, which sounds more reasonable. I’ll ignore the other 7 readings for now. And then I’ll see what I show next Friday morning. I should mention that my weigh-ins have always been in the morning. And it is important to weigh one’s self at the same time of the day each time. Could I really be down to 319?

I actually had a battle of willpower last night that I wanted to mention. Erin, my Mom and I went out to eat Wednesday night. Erin and my mom ordered a delicious piece of cake, and then could not eat it. It is now sitting in our refrigerator.

Last night around 10:00 or so, that cake started calling out to me! I imagined eating it, and I could just about taste it as I thought about it! Erin was asleep, so I crept upstairs, went into the kitchen, poured myself a glass of water, reached into the refrigerator to grab that piece of cake…

…and then I stopped. I looked around, shook my head, and asked just what the hell I thought I was doing. I didn’t need to eat the cake. I wasn’t hungry, not even a little bit. If I were to eat the cake, it would simply be because I wanted something sweet. It would be empty calories, and a failure on my part to control what I was eating.

So I closed the refrigerator and went back to my computer desk. And I couldn’t help feeling that I had just one a major battle. That made me feel great, and more importantly, it made me feel even more confident that I can get control of my eating and my weight back.

That experience is definitely going into my toolchest!

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