2nd day on plan…

Today marks my second official day following eDiets weight loss plan. It’s actually a fairly-simple plan to follow. Part of that is probably because of my starting weight, though. It takes a lot calories to maintain a 325+ pound weight. So reducing calories enough to slowly lose weight still leaves me with a lot of calories per day to eat. The difference in this is the foods that I eat. I am basically snacking all day long (which I normally do anyway). But the difference now is that I am snacking on graham crackers or grapes or yogurt instead of donuts or brownies.

One big key to this (and all) weight loss plans: water. I wasn’t drinking anywhere near enough water. I was drinking a lot of soda and chocolate milk, but not much water. I am now reversing that. I am trying to completely break away from chocolate milk and soda pop. My goal is to replace those completely with water, though there will probably be times that I slip some coffee or tea or milk instead.

Actually, I am quite pleased with how large a part milk plays in eDiets plan. It is not uncommon to see two meals a day listing a cup of milk. The milk lover in me loves this! And, if I get tired of milk, I can replace the milk with yogurt!

I realized today that I do have a number of strategies that I can use to make sure I lose weight and keep it off. One strategy that I’ll be using later today involves fuelling up the car. When I stop at a convenience store, I always have a major urge to fuel up Miguelito while I am fuelling up the vehicle. My way around this is to not go into the store. Instead, use the Pay’n’Pumps. Swipe the credit card, fuel up the vehicle, get my receipt and off I go. No chance to surrender to temptation.

I am actually looking forward to trying to lose weight!


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