Eating right is HARD!

Weight: 326
Different from last entry: +2

Trying to get my eating under control has been a bit more difficult than I expected. I should’ve expected this. After all, it takes a hell of a lot of calories to maintain a weight of 325 pounds. Yet, for some reason, my troubles getting my eating under control has still been a surprise. I think I’ve forgotten how to lose weight. It has been al ong time since I’ve consistently been able to lose weight, after all.

I am noticing something: my body really needs to eat five small meals throughout the day. If I don’t space my meals apart like that, I start feeling a bit shaky. And then, when I finally do eat, I eat way more than I should.

I think I’ve mentioned this here before, but I’ve settled on the following meal plan as the best for me:

Fairly big breakfast
Small mid-morning meal
Medium lunch
Small afternoon meal
Small-medium dinner

When I eat like this, I don’t feel hungry and I am able to eat sensibly. I can easily stay within a calorie or POINTS© range on this meal plan. That is the way that I need to eat.

(There is a dangerous side to this plan, however. I have to make sure to eat something healthy for these meals. If I make poor food choices, then I can drastically increase my caloric intake. I have made that mistake before.)

I am going to try to get myself oriented to the 5-meal plan. I am also going to try to keep a food journal, recording what I am eating, when I am eating it, and how I feel when I am eating.

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