Slow steps – eating

Weight: 324
Different from last entry: -2

I am working on following my “small steps, no unrealistic expectations” goal, but in a different way than I had originally planned. I had orignally thought that I would do small steps in regards to exercise. I haven’t quite made it to the community center, though. Instead, what I have done is managed to make small changes in what I eat.

I haven’t cut out all junk, and I haven’t switched to an all-healthy diet. What I have done is make some small changes. I am weaning myself away from soda (again), going from two a day to one a day (sometimes less). I have managed to cut down on snacks. I still have them, but nowhere near as often as I used to.

I still have a lot of changes to make. I am just getting started! But I have learned that I need to do this at a slow pace, make changes that I can actually accept and get used to before I move on to something else. This is definitely the most important lesson I’ve learned this year.


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