Taste of food

I think my body is trying to tell me that I need to lose weight. And it isn’t being very subtle about it. Recently, I’ve found that fewer and fewer foods sound good to me. It is a weird sensation. I go somewhere to have lunch, and my senses are saying, “that doesn’t sound very good at all.” I am actually starting to eat less because of it. And that’s gotta be a good thing, right?

I haven’t made it in to start working out yet, but I have been keeping myself busy around the house. Between mowing the lawn and walking boxes up and down stairs, I’ve managed to do a small amount of physical activity over the last few weeks. And anything is better than nothing.

I actually plan to stop and get my access card to the Highlands Ranch community centers sometime this weekend. I am then planning on working out three times a week. I’ve had very unrealistic expecations about a workout schedule the last few times I’ve started exercising. I am going to try to temper those this time around. 3 times a week, that’s my goal.

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