Busy, busy week

This has been an incredibly busy couple of weeks. I haven’t had time to make it to the Y to work out. I haven’t had time to write much here. Or in my Live Journal. Actually, I just posted an entry to my LiveJournal detailing most of what’s kept me so busy over the last two weeks. Needless to say I am feeling stressed, big time.

I’ve been trying to avoid compensating for this stress by eating. I think I’ve been fairly successful. I’ve had a few things to eat that I shouldn’t have, but I think I’ve been successful in lowering to total amount of calories I’m eating per day. I’ll know exactly how well I’ve done the next time I get near a scale.

I have found that I have to internally argue with myself. There’s that Fat Voice inside my head that keeps saying, “we’ve gotta have a piece of cake or some ice cream, man! Gotta have it now!” It takes me a while to silence that voice. I am actually having some success in doing just that recently. Here’s hoping I can keep up that success…

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