January 14, 2003

Weight: 322
Difference since last entry: -3

Finally, got back to the ‘Y’! I stopped by this morning and spent 30 minutes on the treadmill. That may not seem like a tremendous accomplishment, but for me it is a big step. I finally broke out of my slump and did some exercise. This is a big step back in the right direction.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a sudden rush of will power to thank for this. I was unable to go back to sleep this morning, after unexplainedly waking up at 5:45. I decided that, since I was already up, it’d be a good idea to work out. I wasn’t being determined, I wasn’t feeling strong. I just decided to take the opportunity that presented itself.

This might actually be a very important event. I could’ve chosen to watch TV, or work on homework, or play a video game. Instead, I got my stuff together and headed out to grab some exercise. This is very unlike what I would normally do, but in a very good way. Hopefully, I can keep it up.


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