Weight: ??
Difference since last entry: ??

Well, it’s been quite a while, and I don’t currently have a weight update. My guess is that I am around 330. I haven’t been doing any exercise, and I haven’t exactly been eating well. That’s what the holidays will do to a person, I guess.

On the plus side, I haven’t been trying to be good. It might sound strange that I consider this a positive. But follow my thinking on this. If I were trying to be good right now, then I would be failing. That would be a depressing thought, one that might end up doing a lot of harm in the end.

Instead, I have chosen to let myself go through the holiday season. Now that all of the holidays are past, I can start working on getting control of my weight again. Whatever I happen to weigh right now is my starting point. From this point on, I’ll be expecting to see the weight on the scale going down. I can use everything from this point as a postive, as something to build on.

I apologize to anyone who couldn’t access this journal. The company that I was using as a web hosting provider, Entryhost, did a very poor job with my website. It was down almost as often as it was up. I have since changed to a different web hosting facility (ICDSoft). I expect things to work much better now.

Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s looking forward to a fantastic, lighter 2003!

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