October 17, 2002

I know exactly what you are thinking: What the hell happened here? Well, it took me since July, but I finally managed to complete a complete re-write of WeightJournal. All of these pages are now XHTML-compliant. You should be able to view these pages on any type of device, whether that be a cell phone or the newest computer. The re-write included all of my old journals: for the first time since 1997, the journal pages will actually look correct in today’s browsers.

And so, here we are. WeightJournal is once again open and functioning. As always, my journal update schedule is not set in stone. My plan is post weekly journal updates. But anyone who’s read this journal for any length of time knows that what I plan to do and what I actually do can sometimes be very different beasts. So, for the beginning, expect a couple of updates a month. As I get back into the swing of things, the updates will become more consistent.

To you, my loyal readers, thank you very much for sticking with me on this journey. Thank you for sticking by me since 1997. I hope to keep you inspired, entertained, and amused for many years to come! Oh, and as always, feel free to drop me an email at miguelito@fierro.com.

– Miguelito, 10/17/2002

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