March 21, 2002

Okay, as I said in my last update that my goal for this week is to keep track of what I am eating. I have been fairly successful at doing this; since the 19th, I’ve kept track of every bit of food I have eaten.

I am already seeing habits that I have fallen in to; habits that will probably be fairly easy to break. But I am not going to go into this now; instead, I am going to wait ’til the end of this week and then tally up everything that I ate, when I ate them, etc. I want a pretty good picture of what’s going on before I do anything. It is best to see the Big Picture before one starts trying to make corrections.

Here’s what that list looks like:

March 19
1 square Fruit Pizza
8″ turkey ranch sub from Quiznos
2 large cookies
Extra large lemonade
12 oz. Coke
20 oz Soda
Chocolate Dolly Madison Pie
1 cup macaroni and cheese

March 20
McDonald’s breakfast burrito
Sausage McMuffin with Egg
Extra large orange drink
Large burrito
2 kidney bean rolls
Venti caramel Frappucino
English toffee bar
1/2 Classic P’Zone
3 breadsticks
2 16oz sodas
slice of carrot cake

March 21
venti chai tea
english toffee bar
4″ honey burbon chicken sub
cup of chili w/ crackers
large lemonade
1/2 classic P’Zone
2 glasses of soda
mixed nuts
slice of carrot cake


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