Weight: 295
Difference from last entry: +3

Hello once again. I hope that you are having a great summer. This has been a great summer so far for me (as you can probably guess, since I got married this summer!). But it has also been a summer of revelations. I am learning some interesting things about myself, and am gaining a little insight into life itself. It is fascinating; I will definitely have to write about it sometime in my Random Thoughts blog. But that’s on a different topic.

As you can see, my weight continues to rise. Once upon a time, this journal was to document how I was doing managing my weight. Now it seems to be documenting how I am holding up as I continue to gain weight back. It is kind of sad, and kind of amazing, to me just how radically things have changed. This is a 180 degree turn around that I was really hoping wouldn’t happen. Life definitely moves in cycles. In all things, it seems.

Lately, I’ve realized something very scary. I am in dangerous shape right now. My weight is definitely effecting my health in a negative way. I am finding myself constantly out of breath from very little exertion. My resting heart rate is much higher than it should be. These symptoms have been occurring for a while now, but I am just really noticing them now. I have just realized that I am 31 years old and in real danger of something bad happening. I need to do whatever possible to get healthy.

My goal is to start walking while at work. I only have a 30 minute lunch break, which makes things kind of challenging. But I am going to find some way to get the exercise in. I managed to walk about a half-mile today; hopefully I can figure out a way to increase this as time goes on.

That’s all for me for now. Have a great week, everyone!

– Miguelito