Weight: 286.6
Difference from last entry: – 5.4

Success! Finally, I have entered two journal entries in the same month. And I have good news in this entry, too. I could get used to this! hehehee

My fiancee and I joined WeightWatchers last Tuesday. One week later, I was down 3.4 pounds! It was a really tough week, though. I had to re-learn all of the things that I know but stopped practicing. I had to not buy bad things out of the vending machine at work. I had to pass up getting a soda to go with my meals when we went out to eat. I had to make myself get out an exercise, at least a little bit.

What I found is something which kind of surprised me (even though it shouldn’t have): I didn’t want to let go of those bad habits that I’ve picked up! I actually still have to fight with myself about this. There’s a large part of me (but then again, what part of me isn’t large?) that still wants to have a large soda with my meal, that still wants to get a Choc-O-Dile and a carton of chocolate milk when I stop at a gas station, that wants to watch TV instead of going to exercise. I didn’t realize just how drastically my mindset shifted on this subject until I started on the WeightWatchers program.

On the plus side, I have succeeded, even though I really didn’t want to! Instead of folding to these silly little desires (and that is all that they really are), I have risen above them to do what I want to do: manage my weight. I succeeded in spite of myself, you may say. (Grin)

So that’s all I have for now. I will be writing more soon. As long-time readers of my journal know, when I am sticking to a weight management program, I write here constantly. When I am misbehaving, I almost never check in here. You can think of the frequency of my updates as another measure of how I am doing in my struggle to manage my weight.


– Miguelito