Weight: 290
Difference from last entry: -3

Hello again, everyone! I don’t mean for this journal to be updated only monthly, but that sure is what has been happening lately. Life has been a bit hectic over the last month or so, but then I guess it is hectic for everyone over the holiday period.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Holidays this year. Can you believe that we are now in the 21st Century? Welcome to the future!

Hopefully, it is also “welcome to the past” for me, as I am still trying to recapture my motivation and will power to lose some of this excess weight. On the plus side, I have shedded a lot of what I gained over the holiday season, as you can tell by my weigh-in this time. Also, I am starting to eat a lot better. I had a bad week or two, where disappointment in my job search really got me down. It’s that emotional eating that I am so prone to showing its head again! Without the extra eating that I did because of the disappointment, I probably would be down to 288 or so.

I am not too discouraged about it, however, for one reason. I was turned down for a job I had three interviews for on Wednesday. Normally, the disappointment of this would’ve driven me straight to something sweet. Instead, I realized what I was feeling, and made myself actually think about my feelings, instead of trying to bury them. I worked out my disappointment instead of hiding from it with food. And once I worked my way through it, I realized that I did not want to eat anything. So I didn’t! It was a very promising development; I actually was able to combat my desire to eat emotionally. This success in what has always been my weakest area gives me hope and optimism for when I am faced with this challenge in the future.

I remember a concept that was really pushed by a Weight Watchers leader in Fort Collins (I’d imagine that other leaders push this, too): use prior successes as remedies for future challenges. Don’t try to downplay successes, no matter how small they are. Give yourself credit for those successes, celebrate those successes, and remember what you did for the next time that you face the same challenge. I realize now how important that concept is!

I hope that you are having a wonderful January. I am moving very soon, but I will try to get one or two updates in before the end of this month.

Be well, everyone!

– Miguelito