[Pre-Weigh In]

Okay, I am a little bit nervous here. This is going to be a really quick update; I’ll have a more complete update either later today or tomorrow.

Anyway, I am nervous because I really, REALLY want my weight to be below the 290 mark. I have been trying to be EXTRA good this week. I have succeeded (mostly) in my goal to start walking. Thursday, Friday and Saturday I walked for 20 minutes per day. Sunday I did not. Monday, I walked for a little less than 20 minutes. Yesterday, I had a doctor’s appointment, and used that as an excuse to only get in about 5 minutes of walking. Today, I have done 15 minutes so far, and will get in the extra 5 soon.

My problem (as always) is snacking. I haven’t been able to keep myself from snacking at work. And while I am holding myself accountable for the snacking (making sure that I enter these snacks on my Weight Watchers journal), I haven’t done anything to actually make up for the snacking. I have gone above my allotted points the last four days, mostly because of snacking. [Sigh]

So now we’ll see what the tale of the scale shows. Only about 90 more minutes, and I’ll know what is going on. Wish me luck!

– Miguelito

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