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Weight Journal – June 25, 2015: Special occasions

Once again recording in Georgetown, CO, this time at the Georgetown Loop railroad. Lotsa fun! Talking this week about special occasions, such as an anniversary celebration.  🙂


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Weightjournal – June 11, 2015 – 10% Goal!!!

This entry was recorded in Georgetown, CO. If I seem nervous in the video, it’s because I was terrified! I thought for certain that the river could flood at any second. The river was already almost at its banks, and that was before the torrential rains that hit earlier in the day!

Anyway, the good news is that I hit my goal: I now weigh 10% less than I did at the start of this year!!! Huge accomplishment, I’ve gotta give myself a great big pat on the back for getting here.

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WeightJournal June 4, 2015 – Made it through…

I made it through my rough week, and somehow lost a little bit of weight in doing so. I know, it surprised the hell out of me, too!