13 Feb

Starting Weight Watchers again – weigh-in for February 12, 2013

Current weight: 330.2
Difference from last week: +0.2
Difference this year: -1.8

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Long-time readers of my journal know that, when I take a long time to write/post an update, it means that I have fallen off-track and am hiding from the internet. That isn’t always true, though, and it’s not true this time around. I had actually lost another pound-and-a-half and was excited to post about it! I somehow skipped my writing night last week, though, so there was no update. I’m back, though!

Astute readers will notice that I gained a little weight since my last entry. There is a reason behind that, too. As you will notice later in this entry.

My goal from last entry was to reduce the amount of soda that I drink. For the most part, I am doing exactly that. I did give in a day or two, and have had one or two sodas over the past two weeks. That is a MAJOR accomplishment on my part: normally I’d have two sodas within a day or two. Small changes lead to big results, right?

Weight Watchers, begin againThis week, I re-joined Weight Watchers! I tend to do so from time to time, lose 25-30lbs, then decide I don’t want to pay the $40/month anymore, and I figure that I can keep losing weight without the encouragement and structure that WW provides. If your first thought is “he should know better” then you are exactly right. I should know better! I have written time and again in this journal about my success with Weight Watchers, and my failures once I stop the program.

My goal for the upcoming week? Stay on WW Program for the next 7 days, and get to the next meeting.

Oh, the small weight gain this week is due to switching to weighing in at Weight Watchers instead of on my home scale. I have to wear clothes at Weight Watchers, which adds a couple pounds in weight. So I actually lost this week, but I’ll be using WW weigh-ins as my “official” weigh-ins from now on.
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6 thoughts on “Starting Weight Watchers again – weigh-in for February 12, 2013

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  2. Well done for going back to weightwatchers. I find I have to do it. Even if its as simple as paying for online plan. I allow myself to much freedom otherwise. Hope the first week back on track goes well for you, good luck! S

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