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Am I a fraud? Weigh-in for June 28, 2011

This week’s weight: 303
Difference from last week: -0.8
This year’s change: -3

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I ended up losing almost a pound this week. Well, these past three weeks, since it’s been that long since I weighed in. I have had a couple of bad days food-wise in the past week, so I was figuring I’d have a huge, massive weight gain this week. Tons of soda, some donuts, some chocolate milk… I earned a weight gain, dammit!

Instead, I lost weight. Down 0.8lbs since my last weigh-in at the start of the month. So what does this mean?

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I cannot help but feel like a fraud. I have a few good days, more bad days, and I still lost weight. How does that happen? Where’s the logic in that? Am I truly just a fraud?

That ansewr is an easy one: of course not! A person doesn’t trim off 8% of their body weight by being a fraud. Even though my weight loss has mostly leveled off this year (I currently weigh 3 lbs less than I did at the start of the year), I have still lost a ton of weight. Almost 29 lbs, to be exact. That isn’t a fraud, that is dedication and hard work.

So why do I feel like a fraud? Why do I feel like I am just skating by? Pulling one over? Bragging about something that I am not doing?

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Weigh-in WeightWatchers

Catching up – Weigh-in for June 7th, 2011

This week’s weight: 303.8
Difference from last week: +0.2
This year’s change: -2.2

I haven’t been here very much the last couple of weeks because things have gone absolutely friggin’ weird. I have a teammate at work who is on vacation, which leaves us short-handed for our support hours. This lends itself to some wacky scheduling. I’ve been working mornings some days, evenings the next, working from home then the office then home. Craziness!!!!

This inconsistent schedule has led to disruptions in my personal routines. One of the things that got pushed aside are weight watchers meetings. I haven’t been to once since June 7th. That weigh-in wasn’t exactly a good one. Though it could’ve been much worse, too.

This week’s weigh-in might be pretty bad, actually. The lack of a consistent schedule has had its effect on my eating. Too much eating out, too many snacks, too many sodas. Not good, definitely. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple pound gain on the scale. At least I know it is coming!

Things should get back to normal come the week after the holiday. July 11th? Everything will be back to being good. 🙂

– M

Weigh-in WeightWatchers

If it’s not a gain, it’s a step in the right direction (Weigh-in for May 31, 2011)

This week’s weight: 303.6
Difference from last week: +/- 0
This year’s change: -2.4

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You know the phrase “if it doesn’t kill you it just makes you stronger?” Weight management is sort of like that. If you didn’t gain any weight in a week, you’re heading in the right direction. Keeping your weight steady or losing are both positive actions when you are trying to reign in your weight. Try to remember that!

Needless to say, I am quite happy about this result. I was on an up trend for a few weeks there. It was not a good trend, and I needed something, anything, to get that progress headed in the right directly. ‘cuz if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years: it’s just as easy to gain momentum towards gaining weight as it is for losing weight. Any way to break out of that upward trend is a good one.

Now that I have leveled out, the question is: can I get the scale moving down again? Only one way to find out: let’s see what happens next week.

– M


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