16 Mar

2011: Right back where I started (weigh-in for 3/15/11)

This week’s weight: 307.8
Difference from last week: -0.6
This year’s change: +1.8

I realized something earlier today that depressed me just a bit: my weight has been pretty much steady all year. I started at 306, and am currently at a high 307. 2011 was supposed to be my year! This was supposed to be the year I buckled down, got serious and got my weight down to what it should be. Instead, we are three-and-a-half months into the year and I haven’t made any progress.

True, we went on a cruise. And I put on a fair amount of weight. I don’t mind the weight I gained on the cruise, because the vacation itself was more than worth it. But if I had been more consistent with my weight loss before the cruise, I wouldn’t have so much to catch back up on now that the cruise is done.

[le sigh]

I’ve been watching The Biggest Loser lately (my wife got me addicted to it). I am torn between being inspired and being jealous. Some of the guys on there started much heavier than I did, but they now weigh a lot less than I do. I know this is because of the circumstances. The show is set up so that people lose an extraordinary amount of weight in an unrealistic amount of time.  But still, they rocked through a hundred pounds like it was nothing. That is what I want!

In other words, I think I am just down and discouraged this week. Just ignore me, I promise I’ll be less crestallen in my next entry.

– M

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14 Mar

Hanging onto vacation weight (weigh-in for 3/8/11)

This week’s weight: 308.4
Difference from last week: +0.8
This year’s change: +2.4

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve updated my journal. No, it isn’t for the normal reasons. Well, I mean, I have gained weight since the last journal entry. But it was completely expected, and for a good reason: we were on the vacation of a lifetime. A cruise to the western Caribbean, including stops in the Cayman Islands, Cozumel, Costa Maya and Roatan. It was absolutely wonderful, an experience that I can’t even really put into words. There was exploring and riding and dancing and eating and drinking. I gave myself full liberty to do whatever I wanted for the whole time we were on the cruise.

Interestingly enough, I didn’t go horribly overboard on food. I did have far more hearty meals than I normally do – including some very heavy breakfasts. And I had some desserts, of course. But the main cause of my weight gain wasn’t food, it was RUM!

I swear to the gods that I drank like a fish. And pretty much everything I drank had either rum or irish creme. That kept me nice and stoned for almost the whole vaca. Not overly-drunk (except for the Cozumel night), but nicely buzzed.

There are always prices to pay, of course. And the price I must pay is on the scale. I was actually up a total of 7lbs. I’ve lost over 4lbs since then. It is slow-going, and put me in a slightly not-so-healthy frame of mind. It’s been surprisingly hard to stop snacking since we’ve been back. That was over a month ago, actually. I really should stop blaming the trip and start admitting the fact that I’ve lost control, just a little bit.

That’s all right too, though. I have started to track what I am eating again. That is most of the battle there. Once I have a list of the things I am eating, it’ll be easy to reduce that to better levels. Make better choices. All of this stuff I’ve learned over these long years.

Add it all up, and what is the take-away? I had a damned good vacation!

– M

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