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Weigh-in for December 16, 2008: Egg nog

Current weight: 298.6
Previous entry: 303.8
Difference from last entry: -5.2
Difference from 2008 starting weight (290.5): +8.1

I haven’t updated here lately, but this time it doesn’t mean that I’ve been gaining. I know, I am surprised too! 🙂 I’ve actually done okay lately, as you can see either by my recorded weight up there, or by taking a look at my weight charts. Either way, you can see a definite weight loss over the last couple of weeks. Which is very cool to see.

We are, of course, heading into the holiday season. Actually, we are right in the middle of it. And some of my weaknesses are coming to the forefront. The worst is egg nog. I don’t know why, but every year I say I’m not going to have much egg nog over the season, and every year I end up drinking pints and pints. I have a profound weakness for it, and I have not figured out a way to get past that. And I need to: 1 pint = 17 points. Can you say HOLY CRAP!!! This is basically taking up all of the exercise Points I earn through a week, which means that I would have to really stick to the plan throughout the rest of the week to balance that out. And I haven’t exactly been doing that.

My other weakness? Cookies. And we have had a TON of them here at work. It started last Monday, with a cookie competition. Since then, people have been bringing in more and more home-made cookies. And I have to try each one. y’know, to be polite and stuff.

I know, I know, that’s cheating. 😀

Weigh-in WeightWatchers

Weigh-in for the first week of December

Current weight: 305.8
Difference from last entry: +2.8
Difference from 2008 starting weight (290.5): +15.3

First off, my weight change this week isn’t as bad as it seems. I am switching over to using my Weight Watchers weigh-in as my official weigh-in. I have been rather wishy-washy on this, switching between using my scale at home or my WW weigh-ins. A lot of that was because I was never sure if I would go to a weekly WW mtg. I am now making sure I go every week. It’s like an early New Year’s resolution. The other reason I had decided to use my scale as my official weigh-in is that I could strip down to my birthday suit before weighing in. Now that I can do that at the WW mtg…


So I am trying to struggle along. I keep sabotaging myself by sneaking in some type of sweet. Dunno why my sweet tooth has gone so insane lately. I am slowly trying to bring it back into check. Once I can do that, I am positive that I will start to lose again. Especially adding in a WW mtg every week. I am cautiously optimistic for the coming week.