Judith Beck on Beliefnet

Beliefnet is running a very interesting interview with Judith Beck, author of The Beck Diet Solution. Those of you who’ve read my journal for a while know that I am not a fan of the diet system du jour. Most are schemes to separate people who need help from the money in their wallets. Weight loss and diet are such a major problem today that there’s oodles of cash to be made. And people are so desperate for help that they will foolishly spend money on pipe dreams, hoping that this time they have found the magic solution to their problem.

So I was not in a big hurry to think much of Ms. Beck’s diet system. However, Ms. Beck does have some very interesting things to day. My favorite regards feeling hungry:

If you ask someone who’s never struggled with dieting, did you get hungry before dinner last night, invariably, they say yes. And then, if you ask them, so, what did you do? they’ll look at you in a very funny way and say, what do you mean? I just waited until dinner. People who have never struggled with dieting aren’t afraid of being hungry. They expect to feel hungry. They recognize that it’s normal. But, people who struggle with dieting are usually afraid to be hungry. If you ask them that, they’ll say, no, I’m not afraid. But, then, if you ask them to do an experiment such as skipping lunch, maybe going for eight hours without eating, they get very nervous because they think that hunger is not natural. They think that they can’t tolerate it.

This is a very interesting insight. When I first read it, I wanted to vehemently disagree. But I have to admit that I am at least partially guilty of this behavior. It’s an interesting interview through out. If you have a few minutes, I’d recommend reading the whole thing.


Weigh-in for March 22: Seriously?

Current weight: 281
Difference from last entry: -1
Difference from 2008 starting weight (290.5): -9.5

So, you know, every now and then I have a week where I lost weight, but don’t know how or why. This is one of them. The scale showed a one-pound weight loss, but I definitely didn’t expect to see it. I had a couple of bad nights worth of choices, and we went out to eat too many times last week. So yeah, I was expecting to have gained a couple of pounds. Losing a pound? Totally unexpected.

Even more unexpected is the fact that I showed an almost two-pound gain Tuesday at Weight Watchers. I expect to see about the same results gain/loss wise from our two scales. I showed a two-pound loss here, but a two pound gain there, in the space of three days. That was very unexpected. Of course, the week before that I showed a 1.2 loss, but I showed a 4.0+ pound loss at Weight Watchers. What does it mean? Mainly, just that my weight fluctuates through the week. And apparently my Saturday weigh-in reflects what I’ve eaten through the early part of the week, and the Tuesday weigh-in reflects how I’ve done through the weekend.

Which means that my weigh-in at Weight Watchers on Tuesday will probably be really, really bad. Easter weekend, too much available candy, feeling deprived and a whole lot of work-related stress added up to a really, really bad day.

Not just kinda bad, but really, really bad.

Still, I am within striking distance of the 280 mark. I am currently at the lowest weight I have been at since October 2000. We weren’t even married at that point! I have to make sure I remember these small details when times are tough.


Weigh-in for March 15: Exercise makes the difference

Current weight: 282
Difference from last entry: -2
Difference from 2008 starting weight (290.5): -8.5

I actually feel a little out-of-sorts because I didn’t get to follow my now-daily routine of stopping at the rec center for a workout every morning. I didn’t have time to do that on Thursday morning, and it wasn’t an option on Friday now that my wife is back to work. I really noticed the difference, both in energy level and just… I dunno how to put it. I can tell I didn’t get as much exercise in as I normally would.

Not that I didn’t get any in. I actually did a really good job at the early part of last week. And yesterday, the kiddos and I went to the Denver Aquarium and walked around for about 90 minutes. I had our 22 pound toddler strapped to my back, which added to the intensity of the exercise. I am pretty sure that, in the end, that counts as a workout. And a pretty darned good one, too! It was not only working my legs, but my back and shoulders, too.

I am a little bit blah this afternoon, and i am not sure why. I figure it is better to make this a short update than to try and BS my way through a longer one.  🙂