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Weigh-in for 1/27: So very busy!

Current weight: 289
Difference from last entry: -1.5
Difference from 2008 starting weight (290.5): -1.5

I know that, in the history of my journal, any time I take a month’s break it means that I am having a rough time of it. Turns out, that isn’t the case this time around. Sure, I had a little hiccup after our new daughter was born, but that was kinda to be expected, I think. The important thing is that I have rebounded. Big time! I am now at the lowest weight I’ve been at since May 2001, which is one of the last times I was really successful on Weight Watchers. I wish I had realized then that I need to stay on Weight Watchers for the rest of my life. I could’ve saved myself 7 years of weight fluctuations.

Anyway, I am feeling really psyched now. I am down another pound and a half. I actually fit into size 48 pants. I fit into chairs that were too small for me last year. And I am motivated! I want to lose a lot more weight, at a healthy, reasonable pace. My goal weight (220) is still quite a bit away. I have almost 70 more pounds before I get to that point. It seems reasonable to expect this to take another 40 weeks at a minimum. I am hoping to be at my goal weight by the end of this year. In between now and then, it’s just keepin’ on with what I am doing. Making good choices. Increasing my activity. Holding on and enjoying life. That’s the good stuff. That’s what I can use when my motivation is low.

I’m definitely looking forward to 2008! 🙂

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Tips for New Year’s Resolutions

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to lose weight? If so, you aren’t alone. Losing weight is the most popular resolution. Lord knows that it is one of mine every year. And, as this article on Beliefnet points out, it often takes listing a resolution for three years in a row before we actually follow through. I think it took longer for me: I’ve listed losing weight as a resolution forever, but I only actually started acting on it in 2007.

The article provides advice on how to have a better chance at following through with a resolution to lose weight:

Once you do decide you’re ready for action, be as specific about your behavior change as possible. For instance, it’s not enough just to say, “I’m going to lose weight.” That’s an outcome, not something that you do to arrive at the outcome. Better to say to yourself, “I’m going to allow myself one scoop of ice cream a night and not eat any sweets after 8 p.m.,” or “I’m going to walk briskly for 25 minutes a day,” or whatever.

That actually makes a lot of sense. It is in-line with one of Weight Watchers tips: have specific goals. This advice is definitely going to alter my personal resolutions.