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Weigh-in for June 24, 2007

Current weight: 323.5
Difference from last entry: +1
Difference from 2007 starting weight (335.5): -12

Oops! I didn’t mean to miss a week – well, almost a week. The last few days just sorta got past me. Not quite sure how that happened. I still can’t believe it is Thursday! So that probably explains everything. 🙂

I gained a pound last week, and I already know why: alcohol. Alcohol is high-calorie, concentrated carbohydrates. Drinking alcohol does not go well with losing weight. It’s critical than one adjusts what they are eating to compensate for the extra calories. And I simply didn’t do that. I had three mojitos one night, and then three Sprite-and-Mango-Malibu the next night. All told, that’s like an extra 1,200 calories (including the mixers).

Add along with that the fact that we ate out a lot that week. And I made some poor choices for breakfast once or twice. It could’ve been worse.

Oh, I actually wanted to write about that. It could’ve been worse. The only reason it wasn’t is because I actually forced myself up onto the treadmill a couple of nights and got some exercise in. 40 minutes one night, 30 minutes another… It all adds up, and it helped counter my poor choices.

So I know what I need to do now. Don’t drink anywhere near as much as I was. Don’t eat out as often as I did. And stick with the exercise.

Or: eat less and exercise. 🙂

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Weigh-in for Father’s Day 2007

Current weight: 322.5
Difference from last entry: -2
Difference from 2007 starting weight (335.5): -13

Wow! Wow o wow o wow! I had to look at the scale a few times to believe that weigh-in. I had to look up the last time that I’ve been at less than 323 pounds (November 15, 2005 according to my journal). It’d be even more interesting to go back and see the last time when I’ve had a period where I’ve consistently lost this much weight. I’m down 13 pounds from the start of the year. 13! That’s huge!

Now look, I know that I am still horrendously overweight. I also know that 322.5 pounds is nothing to be proud of. But I also realize that I am showing some success losing weight here. And that is something to be proud of.

Even moreso is the way that I have lost the last bit of weight. This isn’t just from being sick. I’ve done a better job at controlling what I am eating, and portion sizes for what I am eating. I have been using the PalmOS version of eDiets Mobile. While I’m no longer an eDiets member, I do really like that app. It’s a combination food diary, exercise journal, calorie calculator/counter and tracker. It helps keep me honest, about what I eat and drink, as well as how much I eat and drink.That’s eexactly the type of thing that I need.

I haven’t worked much exercise into my routine yet, but I blame most of that on still recovering from strep throat. Even though most of my symptoms are gone, I still feel run down/worn out as my body finishes fighting off this infection. Hopefully once I’m through fighting this (and I hope I am now; my last dose of antibios will be tonight), I can try fitting some activity into my life.

But all and all, I am pleased!

Diet Habits

Portion sizes

I’ve been struggling with portion sizes for… well, most of my life actually. As E likes to point out, I do fairly well with portion sizes for meals. It’s snacks and drinks where portion sizes dooms me. I am much more likely to grab a 44 ounce soda than a 12oz, for example. When I am presented with a choice, the 12oz seems like a rip-off. There’s a part of my brain that says, “Pah! That’s a wimpy drink! That is nowhere near large enough for us. Now that swimming pool there. THAT is a drink!”

I am trying to slowly reduce portion sizes. I’ve changed from always getting a Venti (Starbucks) or Big Joe (Peaberry Coffee) -sized latte to getting a grande. And every now and then I surprise myself by ordering a small. The small is probably the size I should be getting. That still gives me the taste that I’m craving along with a caffeine fit, but doesn’t ratchet up the calories and sugars. It’s a tough, tough plan to follow though.

Water actually makes this a little tougher. I try and get in at least 64 oz of water a day, and actually shoot for 128oz. To keep from constantly running between my desk and the water fountain all day, I keep a 32-oz water bottle at my desk. A few times a day, I go to the break room, fill it up with ice and water and then drink from that for the next few hours. So I am getting myself accustomed to using a massive cup to drink from. True, it’s water and not something with calories. But it still sets that expectation for serving size.

Or does it?

I dunno. All I know for certain is that I need to cut portion sizes way down. And that may just be the hardest thing I do while trying to regain control of my weight.