Weigh-in for November 30, 2006

Weight: 337
Difference from last entry: +9

EEK! That’s all I can really say. Just “EEK!” Of course, it’s been almost three months since my last weigh-in. So it’s not like I gained 9 pounds overnight. I also had Thanksgiving in that time frame, and we all know what holiday weight is like.

But still… EEK!

I need to get back to some of my healthier choices. I need to start following my action plan from a few months ago. I need to be more intelligent about what I eat, and what I do. This is not excusable. This is not something that I can just ignore. I need to make changes. Now.

Fast food

KFC is getting a little more healthy

Great news for those of us who cannot resist the siren call of KFC, even though we know it is not good for us: KFC is switching away from trans fats! (via

KFC announced plans yesterday to eliminate most artery-clogging trans fat from its food by April 2007, swapping for a healthier oil that executives say doesn’t compromise the finger lickin’ quality.

As much as I know I shouldn’t, I eat at KFC a lot. It’s so easy, and it tastes so good. I love the fact that the chicken I order will be a little less fattening, and a little kinder to my heart. I wonder if I can hold off having anymore ’til next April?