August 26, 2006 – Lotsa changes

Weight: 328
Difference from last entry: -5

I’ve made quite a few changes over the last couple of weeks that I want to write about this week. But first of all, I need to explain something about this week’s weigh-in. I weighed in last week at 333 lbs, but didn’t post an update to this journal. Or if I did, I have since lost that update. Anyway, my weigh-in this week constitutes a 5 pound loss! And it wasn’t a fluke, it wasn’t an abnormality. It was a little work and a lot of tracking.

I have been eyeing eDiets Mobile, a PDA app released by eDiets for a while now. I had some extra cash on this paycheck, so I bought it. And I have been very impressed, most especially with its food diary feature. Not only can one enter everything one eats into the diary, eDiets Mobile includes an integrated nutritional information database. You pick the food, eDiets Mobile fills in the calories. It’s amazingly helpful. And makes the food diary even more effective.

For those of you who don’t understand the use of a food diary, lemme explain. The concept is that you write down absolutely everything that you eat in it. Whether it’s a hamburger or a single potato chip, you write it down. Most food diaries also have you write down the time of day or the meal, and some have you write down how you are feeling while you are eating. What most people find is they eat a lot more than they realize they do. The diaries also help you find foods that are high in calories, and sometimes help pinpoint situations where one is prone to over-eat.

So what did my food diary show me? A few very interesting things. First, the things that I drink have a horrible amount of calories in them. I need to cut back on alcohol for certain. And on other non-water drinks, too. Even milk. Or at least cut back on them.

I also learned that I need to make wiser choices when I do eat out. We had burgers from Sonic the other night. I knew that a burger and tots weren’t the world’s best choice. But I didn’t expect my meal to clock in at 1400 calories! That was a horrible, horrible choice. Especially since Sonic does have a lot of foods with far fewer calories. Good choices, that’s what I have to concentrate on.

The calorie guide also led me to some surprising results. For example, I knew that Einstein Bros. Bagels Santa Fe Omlet sandwich was around 650 calories. But I had no idea that their chipotle chicken salad was right about the same. Add both together in the same day, and it doesn’t leave a lot of calories left over.

For the week, I was over my calorie limit every day but one. But for all those days, I was only over by 250 calories or so except for the day we had Sonic. And really, I’m guessing that even the days I went over by 250 calories, that is still a good 500-750 calories less than I normally eat. Add that all up, and it leads to a 5 pound weight loss.

My goal for the upcoming week is to keep using the food diary, and to have situations where I can use the exercise log, too.

Fast food

Hooray for Wendy’s!

There’s very good news about Wendy’s from “Wendy’s International Inc., the third-largest US hamburger chain, switched its 6,000 US restaurants to a healthier cooking oil that doesn’t contain any of the trans fats that increase the risk of heart disease.”

This is huge! No one is pressuring Wendy’s to make the changes they are. No one is picketing their restaurants nor suing them for using trans fats. Wendy’s is responding to the current trend of customers wanting healthier foods. I applaud them for making this move!


August 10, 2006 – No weigh-ins?

Weight: 330
Difference from last entry: -1

Wow! Has it really been over a month since I posted a weigh-in here?
Talk about a slacker! I dunno why I didn’t post one. Scale fear? Lord knows I’ve been prone to that in the past.

But I didn’t need to fear the scale. While I haven’t been super good, I haven’t been super-bad, either. I’ve been trying to at least keep a handle on what I eat. Try to limit portions of bad stuff when I have to have them. I haven’t been doing so well on exercise, but is that really a surprise? 🙂 All in all, staying around the same weight for the last month is not a surprise.

For the most part, I just haven’t had much to write about here. Life has been kinda boring lately. 🙂 Boring in a good way, of course. Work, then come home and enjoy family time, then sleep, then do it all over again. Such is life, and I really wouldn’t want anything else.