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McDonald’s trims down?

In response to continued negative publicity, McDonald’s is trying to make its menu healthier. McDonalds continues to refuse any role contributing to the current “obesity epidemic” (can I tell you how much I hate that phrase?), but their decision to lighten their menu is interesting.

McDonald’s Corp. will promote its healthier menu choices to counter negative publicity expected from a new book cowritten by the author of ”Fast Food Nation,” chief executive Jim Skinner said yesterday.

McDonald’s has been adding products such as entree-sized salads and the option to substitute apple slices and juice for fries and soft drink in Happy Meals.

Is this a case of McDonalds doing something good, or is this a case of closing the barn door after the horses have already eaten your children?


April 8, 2006 – Audio Update!

Weight: 334
Difference from last entry: +2

This week’s entry is an audio update! Click anywhere here to download and listen to this week’s entry.

For those of you who can’t/won’t download the MP3, here’s a transcript from the audio entry: So I was being really silly yesterday and thought, “why, it would be really fun to do an audio update on my weightjournal.” I think I meant to laugh it off, but the more I thought about it, the better the idea sounds. I couldn’t think of a reason not to, and it’s a nice change-of-pace, so here I am!

Please pardon me if I sound nervous. It’s funny how just the concept of having an audience makes me nervous, when it really shouldn’t. I’m sitting at my computer talking into an itty-bitty microphone. I should be used to such things! Fortunately, this seems like a common occurrence n the podcasting community.

Not that this is gonna be podcast. This is a one-time only thing. Unless it turns out to be super-fun, in which case I may do it again.

So, to the update! It’s April 8th somehow. I have totally lost track of the end of March due to two reasons. First, I caught a cold which simply wore me down. I ended up going to see my doctor about it, which is very rare for me. Just as I was starting to feel better, I received a call from my dad’s wife, letting me know he was in the ICU in Tulsa. Erin, Colin and I all jumped into our van and drove out to Oklahoma to be with him. Fortunately, he’s okay. And we’re back, and life should be getting back to normal.

Weight-wise? Well, as you might guess, I’ve done better. I’ve eaten a lot of comfort foods over the past few weeks, first because I didn’t feel well, and then because I was almost out of my mind worrying about my dad. Interestingly enough, I actually lost a pound while I was sick! But I gained that and another since then. So mark me in at 334 this week. Which is another high weight for me.

Oh, well. I am surprised at how hard it has been to start losing weight again. But I have not given up hope yet. I’m not ready to give up yet! I’ve been through all of this before. True, I’ve been on an up slope for a few years now. But I just have to keep at it, keep trying, keep refusing to give up.

As always, that’s my goal.

Bye, everyone!