More evidence of green tea’s brain benefits

More evidence that green tea is really, really good for one’s brain:

Green tea catechins may improve reference and working-memory related learning ability, say research from Japan, adding to claims that green tea can help ward off Alzheimer’s.Consumer awareness of the benefits of green tea and green tea extracts continues to rise with growing numbers of studies, from 430 papers in 2000 to almost 1500 in 2003, reporting benefits of the main compounds, catechins.

I’m a big fan of green tea, and I’m becoming an even bigger fan of it as more and more studies prove the anecdotal claims that green tea is beneficial for one’s health.


We’re back!

A new entry will be coming soon. I actually wasn’t ignoring this journal this time! I had a hard drive crash on my main computer which slowed me down for almost a whole week. But I have just about everything restored and reinstalled now, so life should get back to normal soon!


March 18, 2006 – Holding steady

Weight: 332
Difference from last entry: 0

Well, I’m the heaviest that I’ve ever been in my life. But i have been able to catch ahold of myself and stop the runaway naughtiness I was going through on my last update. I’m not being good, mind you, but I’m at least being accountable for what I eat. And that is a big step up.

I haven’t actually been avoiding this journal. I just haven’t had time to write in it! Work has been insanely busy. To the point that all of the little tasks I’d normally take care of during the day have to wait ’til I get home. And by the time I work my way through all of those, I don’t have time to write here. I’m hoping things even out sometime soon. And I’m also trying to find time to dedicate to working on this journal. So hopefully updates will come more frequently and regularly.

Oh, the treadmill is working fantastically. As long as I don’t try watching a horrible movie while walking, like, say, Doom. 🙂