03 Oct

Weight: 310. Difference from last entry: -3.

Wow. WOW! Chalk up another three pounds for the Biffster! I am surprised at how easily the weight is coming off. I shouldn’t be; as I said in the last update, I firmly believe that my body was just looking for an opportunity to shed the extra weight I had forced upon it. At this rate, I am easily going to make my Thanksgiving goal (< 300lbs). I actually slightly increased my calorie intake this week. I wasn’t sure what I was going to think about that. But the extra calories are apparently not going to have a detrimental effect on my weight loss. Plus, I plan on exercising more frequently, which should offset the extra calories. I have felt much less hungry since switching over to the 2500 calorie plan (from 2300 calories). Speaking of exercise, I was able to get myself to the rec center both yesterday and today! Two days with exercise for the Biffster. 😀 I’ve gotta watch out, I might just be making a habit out of this. My challenge continues to be the weekend. I’ll report in early in the week and let you know how my weekend went. Oh, one other administration note: Be sure that you are using http://weightjournal.com to get to this journal. Starting this weekend, that will be the ONLY way to get to this weight journal. Using http://fierronet.org will no longer work. My weightjournal is getting expanded to its own hosting system!

– Miguelito

02 Oct

Tokyo Joes

Hello again, everyone! I actually got myself out to the rec center this morning for a 30 minute, 1.7 mile walk (which is VERY good time and distance for me). I feel so much more relaxed and full of energy this morning. I really don’t understand why it is so hard for me to get out and exercise when I enjoy the after-effects so much!

Erin and I love to eat at Tokyo Joes (a local Japanese chain restaurant). I’ve found that Joes has a perfect dinner for me: It’s a brown rice bowl with chicken, lotsa veggies and curry sauce. According to their nutritional information, it’s 630 calories, which is right in my dinner range. If any of your readers are here in the Denver area and want healthy takeout/fast food, I strongly recommend Tokyo Joes!