July 10, 2002

There is some very interesting information I found in a rather-long article on the New York Times website. The article discusses the science behind low-carb diets. As long-time readers of this website know, I am not a fan of the idea of low-carb diets. But I try to keep an open mind about most things, and I am starting to wonder if I haven’t been wrong about low-carb diets all this time.

This part of the article has definitely caught my attention:

The results of all five of these studies are remarkably consistent. Subjects on some form of the Atkins diet — whether overweight adolescents on the diet for 12 weeks as at Schneider, or obese adults averaging 295 pounds on the diet for six months, as at the Philadelphia V.A. — lost twice the weight as the subjects on the low-fat, low-calorie diets.

In all five studies, cholesterol levels improved similarly with both diets, but triglyceride levels were considerably lower with the Atkins diet.

This is a very interesting and rather-startling find. Could low-carb diets actually be healthier for us than the high-carb diets we’ve been told for 30 years we should be eating? It is a very interesting question. And it means that I have some things I really need to think about.

– Miguelito


July 6th, 2002

Hello everyone! This is me, Miguelito, finally finished with my month of slacking off. [grin] I really had no idea that June was going to turn into the month that it did. I’ll be writing all about that once I get journal updates going on a consistent schedule again (check back here July 9th).

I just wanted to let everyone know that the web hosting switchover apparently went off without a hitch. If there were problems, no one has let me know about them! 🙂 WeightJournal is now being hosted by The transition was made the evening of July 2nd. You should not notic any difference; this move was meant to be seamless.

You will be seeing a slight change in the coming weeks. The biggest change will be that we are changing our name. We will now be WeightJournal. There are numerous ways to get to us; and all get you right here. Instead of limiting our name to, the decision was made to drop the .com and focus on what we are: WeightJournal.

I’ll be back soon with regular updates. Thanks for sticking with us!

– Miguelito