Weight: 286.6
Difference from last entry: – 5.4

Success! Finally, I have entered two journal entries in the same month. And I have good news in this entry, too. I could get used to this! hehehee

My fiancee and I joined WeightWatchers last Tuesday. One week later, I was down 3.4 pounds! It was a really tough week, though. I had to re-learn all of the things that I know but stopped practicing. I had to not buy bad things out of the vending machine at work. I had to pass up getting a soda to go with my meals when we went out to eat. I had to make myself get out an exercise, at least a little bit.

What I found is something which kind of surprised me (even though it shouldn’t have): I didn’t want to let go of those bad habits that I’ve picked up! I actually still have to fight with myself about this. There’s a large part of me (but then again, what part of me isn’t large?) that still wants to have a large soda with my meal, that still wants to get a Choc-O-Dile and a carton of chocolate milk when I stop at a gas station, that wants to watch TV instead of going to exercise. I didn’t realize just how drastically my mindset shifted on this subject until I started on the WeightWatchers program.

On the plus side, I have succeeded, even though I really didn’t want to! Instead of folding to these silly little desires (and that is all that they really are), I have risen above them to do what I want to do: manage my weight. I succeeded in spite of myself, you may say. (Grin)

So that’s all I have for now. I will be writing more soon. As long-time readers of my journal know, when I am sticking to a weight management program, I write here constantly. When I am misbehaving, I almost never check in here. You can think of the frequency of my updates as another measure of how I am doing in my struggle to manage my weight.


– Miguelito


Weight: 292
Difference from last entry: +2

Oh my god, you wouldn’t believe what a hectic month this last month has been. The year 2001 continues to be a transitional year for me. Since my last entry, I have moved to a different city and am starting a new job on Monday. During the month, I was able to go through all that fun associated stuff, such as packing, applying for jobs, and interviewing. Two of the top stressers in a person’s life are moving and finding a new job. I can vouch for just how stressful these activities are!

On the plus side, I’ve gotten through this period of my life relatively healthy. I gained only two pounds over this time period. I am now at a place where I actually have time to exercise (I spent about an hour at the local rec center just yesterday). Because of the scheduling on my new job, I will have no choice but to bring lunch; there won’t be time for me to go out for lunch. (Eating out for lunch is one of the eating times when I am most likely to not eat very well.) And now that I am both moved and starting my new job, life should be a lot less stressful.

My goal for the next couple of weeks is to allow myself to find a balance in my new life. Many things are different, in a good way. This is an exciting time in my life. There’s less than four months ’til the wedding! Somewhere in all of this excitement is the core of my new life, the center. My goal is to find this center, to embrace it, to allow it to show me the way. The rest will be easy.

As for eating? Well, like I said the new structure of my lunch break will kinda force me into better habits. I’ll have to bring lunch with me, which is a good thing. I don’t buy not-good-for-me foods at the grocery store. I buy healthy foods, which means that, by default, my lunches during the work week will be healthy.I am planning on replacing breakfast with a SlimFast shake. Dinner will be a bit more challenging, but if I can stick to eating at home, I should be okay.

Exercise? I won’t be able to exercise at work anymore, so I’ll have to dedicate some of my free time during the evenings for this. That’ll be a bit of an adjustment, and presents the biggest problem. Only time will tell how this works out.

That’s all I have for this entry! Coming soon, you should find a few changes to the site, including Health & Fitness news headlines, and maybe even a community message board area. Check back here often…

… and Be Well!

– Miguelito