Addicted to… Apple fritters?

Seriously, how in the world did I get addicted to apple fritters? Yes I love them, and yes they bring back nice memories of stopping at The Donut Shop in Trinidad between classes and having coffee and donuts. Lately, though, I haven’t been able to get them off my mind! Everywhere I go, I want an apple fritter! Target and King Soopers sell a four-pack of apple fritters that they keep on a shelf in the bakery. Unfortunately, having access to four apple fritters means I’m gonna eat four apple fritters. So yeah, seriously, I am addicted to apple fritters. And they are now officially one of my red-light foods. If I allow myself to have one, I’m gonna eat as many as are available. That’s not good, man. Not good at… Read more

Baby steps…

Still here! It didn’t even take me a week for my next journal update! Although I haven’t much to say. I blame the cantaloupe I just ate – my body has been used to having nothing healthy at all for months. Having a lot of fruit? Yeah, my body isn’t used to that, though it does seem to be enjoying it. Fruit with breakfast and lunch. That’s one way to get healthy! I had some forced exercise this weekend. My son plays flag football, and during the game  I like to walk up and down the sidelines, so I can see each play as close as possible. Add this to the walk from the parking lot out to the field, and you have at least a few extra minutes of exercise than I would’ve done otherwise. Anything that moves me forward! On a site note: I’m… Read more